The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden Netgalley ARC Review

The Casquette Girls - Alys Arden


                    Details of the Book  

                     Ebook ARC, 400 pages  

                     Published by fortheARTofit Publishing, 2013  

                        Expected Publication: November 17, 2015  

                        (first published October 31, 2013)  




Synopsis: Seven girls tied by time. Five powers that blind. One curse to lock the horror away. One attic to keep the monsters at bay.   





After the Storm of the Century rips apart New Orleans, Adele Le Moyne and her father are among the first to return to the city following the mandatory evacuation. Adele wants nothing more than for life to return to normal, but with the silent city resembling a mold-infested war zone, a parish-wide curfew, and mysterious new faces lurking in the abandoned French Quarter, normal will have to be redefined. Events too unnatural - even for New Orleans - lead Adele to an attic that has been sealed for three hundred years, and the chaos she unleashes threatens not only her life but everyone she knows. Mother Nature couldn't drain the joie de vivre from the Big Easy, but someone or something is draining life from its residents. Caught suddenly in a hurricane of eighteenth-century myths and monsters, Adele must quickly untangle a web of magic that links the climbing murder rate back to her own ancestors. But who can you trust in a city where everyone has a secret, and where keeping them can be a matter of life and death - unless, that is, you're immortal.         



The Casquete Girls is the first book in Alys Arden' s series. Also available: The Girl at the Gallows ( novella at wattpad). Coming soon: The Romeo Catchers.










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Warning: This Review Contains Spoilers.    


 By: LazerBooks

I've never been to La Nouvelle-Orleans (New Orleans), but the author Alys Arden made me feel as if I had been there in the magical and mysterious New Orleans. The book starts off with Adele leaving New Orleans to live with her mother in Paris after the aftermath of what people keep referring to as "the storm". Upon leaving the Parisian boarding school were her french mother had dumped her after her and her father were displaced after the mandatory evacuation, Adele and her father return back to New Orleans where Adele struggles with her feelings of helplessness when she sees all the destruction the storm left behind. Her life gets more complicated when she stumbles on a dead body and she realizes that she's able to move objects with her mind.Also fearing that she might be responsible for releasing the vampires that have been killing innocent people. Things get more complicated when the people closest to her start keeping secrets from her. And she suspects that new comers Gabe and Niccolo, who say are looking for their relatives are more than what they seem.  






The book has it all from voodoo to vampires and witches. What intrigued me the most about this book was that the mythological vampires were not lovey dovey creatures in this book they were portrayed as ruthless killers capable of luring and killing people everywhere they went. The city was so broken that people were still struggling to find food, and their family members so they were not able to fight back. While reading I couldn't help thinking that the vampires were more like the Dracula vampires, sophisticated, charismatic, alluring etc, vampires aren't really scary anymore. This is usually due to the romance. Yes romance has always been in tales of the undead. The difference is, like I said before they were not lovey dovey. Let's face it, it's been a long time since any of us lost sleep over a vampire. These vampire myths are actually rooted in fact, which makes them all the more creepy.  


Even though the book does contain a love triangle. The characters are so unique and interesting that you can overlook that and focus on the story.






Alys Arden is an amazing writer the book was full of twists just when you thought you new what was coming something surprising happen. She does a good job of painting a picture in your head of how New Orleans used to look like before the storm. I would recommend this book to fans of YA paranormal. Waiting for book #2.





Quotes that I liked:    



 As an artist, if your work doesn't inflame at least part of the audience, then you might as well call it quits and sell insurance... The world needs more boundary pushers, not more boundary creators.” 

― Alys ArdenThe Casquette Girls     




Time after time, I have seen secrets tear people apart.” 

― Alys ArdenThe Casquette Girls  



Am I really going to die tonight? As a sixteen-year-old virgin with only one passport stamp and no driver's license?” 
― Alys ArdenThe Casquette Girls   



A sharp pain tugged in my chest. I wanted this all to go away. I wanted Nicco to be normal. I wanted to be normal. A part of me wanted to destroy him for everything he'd done, whatever his role...For following me. For not telling me everything. For letting me fall for him. I hated myself for wanting to cause harm to someone else. I wanted him to be stronger, to change, to want the same things as me. I wanted him.” 
― Alys ArdenThe Casquette Girls