7 Twisted Fairy Tales by Tina Glansneck

7 Twisted Tales: Fairy Tales with a Twist: Fairy Tales Flash Fiction - Tina Glasneck


Description of the book 

Ebook, 25 Pages

Published by Vie La Publishing House, LLC

Expected Publication: October 1, 2015

My rating: 4.5****


Synopsis: These aren't your normal fairy tales.



My Review:


This standalone novel is written by crime fiction writer, Tina Glasneck, who is also the author of the well-received Spark Before Dying Series, and creates dark and gritty tales filled with murder, mayhem and mystery. This small book has only 25 pages contains 7 compelling tails of all the characters from my childhood. so I finished it in a hour. It starts off with a series of chapters, each with a different story but they are all connected in a way. Glasneck does a excellent job recreating these characters and turning them into dark twisted and sinister characters. I admire her for stepping out of her comfort zone to create these fractured and twisted fairy tales from Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Three Little Pigs, The Gingerbread Man, Hansel and Gretel, and Little Red Riding Hood, and Goldilocks. 






 Suicidal Cinderella 

Poor ella, when someone else had fit her slipper, had taken away her prince and her happily ever after she decides that her life is not worth living. Still living with her evil stepmother, the potion in her hands offers her the chance to rid herself of her sorrow, but what happens when a dark fairy appears and offers something.

In the original version Cinderella's evil stepsisters cut off pieces of their feet to squeeze into the glass slippers. And later on, the pair get their eyes pecked by pigeons.


 “Evil is not borne, it’s bred”. 



Letting Go: The wicked Queen


The wicked queen has been hurt in the past she no longer believes in love and happiness.

When she sends the huntsman (her Unrequited lover) to kill snow white she finds out he disobeys her orders which leads to horrible consequences.




“She turned back towards her mirror, rubbed her cheek, and smirked. Staring at her blood streaked reflection, she couldn’t contain the truth. She truly was the most bewitching”.


Work or Starve


Perverse snow white escaped the evil queen she is now living with dwarfs but she forces them to work and they are all dying . But one dwarf in particular is madly in love with her. How far will he go to get her to love him back?


‘Let them work or starve!” My beloved's shrill voice sliced through the grime and darkness of the mine”. 


The Gingerbread House



 My favorite from all the stories the wicked witch was told by the witches council under the wicked queen that children named Hansel and Gretel were to be baked into a meat pie. Her mate had been cursed and turned into a gingerbread man. She has no choice but to kill the children unless she wanted to meet the same fate.



The White Wolf

Told from the wolfs point of view Locked in a cellar by three huntsmen all who wolf had nicknamed Twiggy, Rye and Dusty wolf was being tortured to repay him for his father's threats, his father's misdeeds. How was he to know that the witches' council's henchmen pigs would be collecting their taxes?

 In this version the wolf is the good guy and the 3 little pigs are the villains.



The Courtship 

After being rescued from a wolf, psychotic red riding hood (Scarlet) can't stop thinking about her savior. And she's willing to do anything just to see him again, her huntsman even if it means killing a few wolfs.





 Murderer Goldilocks has been waiting for the mother, father, and son to leave their cabin. Once they leave she trespasses their home and makes herself at home by eating their pudding and vandalizing their home.What happens next you have to read it to find out.


 “I had too. They were just perfect.” 



I really enjoyed reading this story of twisted fairy tales. I wished it would have been longer so I could know what happens to the characters. My favorite characters where from Hansel and Gretel because in this story the evil witch was compassionate and remorseful so different from the original version, which is my favorite. If there's ever a continuation of this stories I will definitely be buying it.